For Students and Parents

Students Handbook

This handbook contains useful information for students regarding the daily activities of Avvai Tamil Center. You will find information highlighting some of the school division’s policies and guidelines that are necessary for the safety, welfare, and wellbeing of our students. Please keep this handbook throughout the academic year. You are encouraged to review the contents of this handbook. If you have any questions about the contents of this handbook, please contact your class Teacher, School Principal or Avvai Board.


Parents Handbook

Good communication is of the utmost importance. When a new family is accepted into our program, we like to be sure that we can share openly about any concerns or questions that may arise. It is important that there is a similar child care philosophy between the center and the parents. We welcome questions, feedback, or discussions of any kind that are oriented towards a positive outcome for the children. Sensitive issues will be discussed in private at a mutually beneficial time.
All communications will be handled by either the class teacher or Principal. Contact details will be provided to parents after registration and updated as needed.

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