Dear Parents,


501c3Avvai Board is really excited to share the news that Avvai Tamil Center has received official tax exempt status from IRS.


As you know, ATC was started and is effectively being operated as a Public Charity Non-Profit Organization under 501(c)(3) status. A small team of board members, ex-members and volunteers have been working diligently to get the official IRS paper work for non-exempt tax status.


IRS has verified our operation, purpose and paper works and has exempted us from federal income tax.


What this means for all of us:


  • Firstly, let us be proud of being a member of a recognized Charitable Organization serving the local community.
  • Next, this means, any contribution you make to ATC can now be deducted from your income tax filing under IRC Section 170.
  • Additionally, we can control our cost by not having to pay sales tax on certain essential expenses for our operation.
  • Finally, we can let our well wishers who are in a position to make a donation or sponsor our events to deduct their contribution from their tax filing.


Huge thanks to everyone who worked hard on this. Special thanks to Soundar Jeyabal, Sankar Shanmugam and Priya GP.



Mohan Dhandapani


President, Avvai Tamil Center Frisco