Student Corner Guideline

The Student Corner section of the Avvai Tamil Center (ATC) website is to encourage ATC students to contribute their original content to ATC. The content can be typed, hand written, drawings, paintings, audio file, video file etc. Parents can help students for recording/typing the content. But the content should come only from the student and it has to be in TAMIL.


Each week, ATC will try to showcase couple of student contributions as “Students of the Week” and publish their content in ATC website. Participation to this program is voluntary and has no impact to the regular class teaching, grading etc.


Student Corner’s intent to assist ATC’s mission to augment Tamil language and culture learning through creative means. The Student Corner will do the best to identify platform to showcase these contributions for a larger reach, including showcasing it during ATC events and notifying parents of upcoming local competitions.

The following policies and procedures will be followed by ATC for publishing the student content in the student corner section of the website.

  • The content has to be in TAMIL.
  • The content has to be an original content from the student.
  • This content should not have been published anywhere else earlier.
  • ATC has full rights of this student content.
  • ATC may sometimes, choose not to publish a content or modify the content at their own discretion.
  • Any typed content should not be more than one page (100 words or 3 paragraphs)
  • Any audio or video file should not be more than 5 minutes.
  • All audio file should be in mp3 format
  • All video file should be loaded in website as a private video and the link has to be shared.
  • Photos of students or the content should be in jpeg format and should not exceed 50 MB in total.
  • ATC may reject the content, if the content does not satisfy any of the format or size guidelines.
  • It is the parents responsibility to sign-up their student for the student corner.
  • Student or Parent cannot hold ATC responsible for any misrepresentation or mistakes on the published content.

The following ideas can be used by kids for student corner section. These ideas are just some samples and not a full list. Parents can help the kids by typing the content in Tamil, if the student was not able to write in Tamil. However all hand-written contributions must be written by the student.

  • Short Story in Tamil, written or audio/video recording.
  • Short Poem in Tamil, written or audio/video recording.
  • Drawings/Coloring.
    Example: Thiruvalluvar, Bharathi, World Hertiage places in Tamil Nadu,
  • Kolam drawings.
  • Thirukural with meaning and a small explanation of why the student like that kural better than other kurals, written or audio/video recording
  • Original Tamil jokes and or cartoons, written or audio/video recording
  • Short films created in iMoves or other mobile devices.
  • Short music clip instrumental/singing – movie songs are acceptable as long as they are language/culture related.
  • Craft project portraying Tamil culture – ponga paanai decoration, manju vetratu clay model (secular items only).

Email your contribution to


Include the following details:


Student Name and Class (E.g., Asalt Arumugam Nilai 2A)

Title of the contribution

Short description

Attachment – Common file formats for photos, audio and video. Content will be hosted by Avvai in their public facing sites (Website, FB, YouTube etc)