Why Tamil, Why Avvai – MastiTime Radio Talk

Metro Tamil Sangam MastiTime Radio interview by Mohan Dhandapani, President Avvai Tamil Center

00:00 Intro
02:10 About Avvai Tamil Center
04:30 Why should I learn Tamil?
09:30 Avvai Isai Vizhala, Dance?
11:55 School Syllabus?
13:15 Non language activities?
14:35 Kids to speak in Tamil?
15:25 How is Avvai different?
18:00 Future of Tamil Schools?
21:43 Joining middle of the year?
21:43 Kids of different ages?
27:10 Learning in home vs. school?
29:55 High School kids’ continued interest?
33:30 10 years from now…
35:35 Dual Language credit?
37:10 MastiTime’s Deni & Gomathi – Thank you

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